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FNAF Sister Location DownloadEveryone, who enjoys the thrill in the games have heard about the cycle of Five Nights At Freddy’s instalments. This is one of the most popular and the world’s favourite game series in the world in the category of horror games. Even though the first part appeared on the market in August 2014, it already managed to conquered the world and today we can play another version of the game – Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location Free Download. Developer and publisher: Scott Cawthon. PC Release date: 07.10.2016. Platforms: PC, AND, iOS.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location free game PC

FNAF Sister Location Download

Free Sister Location
Scott Cawthon – author of the games and independent game developer didn’t stop at the success of the first part. He still enriches the series of horrifying games by tying them together with elements of the story and moving from one location to another. Fans of FNAF already accustomed to the fast pace of releasing consecutive games and to the unbelievable experience while controlling the fate of the heroes. Will another part meet their expectations?

Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location Download varies from previous instalments. The story doesn’t take place at the restaurant Five Nights At Freddy’s, but in other spot. Though Sister Location could be the continuation of the series, there is no need to know previous games in order to get your head around the plot.An interesting fact is that in order for the game to look like the best used engine Clickteam which is to make the graphics and sountrack will be even better.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location trailer

The whole scenario of the (FPP) game is rather simple. Main protagonist, who is controlled by us, is locked on several nights at the place filled with animatronic mascots. However, these are not cuddly teddy bears but real monsters that come to life after dark. As if that wasn’t enough, all these creatures are hunting living beings. We can easily guess that our protagonist is one of those, and he has to do everything he can to make sure mascots don’t end his life. This is the game, where the only salvation is waiting for the morning. Then, horrifying monsters will be incapacitated and they will give us peace of mind.

FNAF 5 Free DownloadHow can you hide from the living mascots that resemble more robots than bears? First of all, you should track their movements that are visible on the cameras. Also, we have to find a hideout of which doors can be locked in the way the potential perpetrators won’t get to us. Where’s a catch? Limited amount of energy is the catch. Both monitoring and automated doors are dependent from energy. So, we have to use it the way it will last for surviving whole night in this horrifying place. Another obstacle put by the producer of the game on our way is little archaic placement of cameras. They show only static picture that is updated every few seconds. A small amount of light and poor monitoring make the observations really difficult. Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location ennardWe have to be prepared on every situation. It is possible not to see incoming threat. Then, good reflex and the ability to improvisation will be the only option to survive. When we eventually manage to survive the night, we have to remember that another day doesn’t mean the end of troubles. After that there will be yet another dusk, and all the mascots will come to life again. There is one thing we can be sure – in this game there is no exactly the same nights, and the satisfaction of the survival over time grow even more. The same goes to the emotions while fighting against demonic opponents.

Five Nights At Freddy Sister Location DownloadIn the game there are several animatronics and each of them has its own name. At night we will meet a ballerina named Ballor, destroyed humanoid named Ennard or Baby – the baby girl with a pony. We can also encounter seven, exactly the same humanoids, who terrify even more. The fans of previous games of this series will find here new versions of old characters including Mangle that in this instalment is called Funtime Foxy or Freddy, named by the authors of the game Funtime Freddy. Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location torrentThese seemingly innocent names hide a really horrific characters. This is already sixth game of Five Nights At Freddy’s, created by aforementioned Scott Cawthon. It might seem that the producer will slow down a little or run out of ideas for the next parts. Meanwhile, his latest work is filled with freshness and the same creepy atmosphere. So, if you like a thrill of horror and you want to feel like our protagonist locked in the room with the group of animatronic mascots, then Download Five Nights At Freddys Sister Location on PC is made just for you! Price on steam ‎7,99 USD.

FNAF Sister Location Download – Full Version PC

Five Nights At Freddys 5 PC Download

Free FNaF 5
Minimum hardware requirements:
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD, 500 MB HDD
Disk space: 1 GB HDD
System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10


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